How do You Start Publishing Every Day?

A table top filled with 3x5 cards with single words on them.

Here goes.

Here goes what?

Writing to Publish. Getting it done. Just Do It. Agile Writing. Thrashing, as Seth says.

Writing and publishing a little bit every day. To learn to write. To ship. To find a voice. To find an idea. A group of ideas. A collection of ideas…

Steve Jobs faced himself in the mirror every day and asked himself one question.

If this were my last day on earth, would I be satisfied with the plan I have for today?

This question was the driving force behind Job’s success. It helped him know if he was living…

Positive Change
To Reach Your
Focus on the Greatness
That only YOU
Can Bring to Others.

The index card.
A reminder.
That sits by my bathroom sink.
Next to the giraffe I got in Africa.
Next to the photo of my dad and his sister,
Next to the pic of me and two of my nephews.
A collection of memories.
Reminding me to
Focus on the greatness
Of Progress that comes
With every visit
To my bathroom sink.

What Do Your Reminders Look Like?

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David Bourne

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