Steve Job’s Mirror

David Bourne
1 min readMay 9, 2019

Steve Jobs faced himself in the mirror every day and asked himself one question.

If this were my last day on earth, would I be satisfied with the plan I have for today?

This question was the driving force behind Job’s success. It helped him know if he was living a life worth living. Too many days with the answer “no” meant he had to make some changes.

You don’t have to have the intelligence, resources or luck of Steve Jobs to know this is a great question to shape your life around.

If most of my days give me the answer “yes”, then I am indeed blessed and should be grateful. I will commit myself to know why the yes is a yes, so I can have more of them.

If most of my answers are “no”, then I will make changes, no matter how small to get closer to yes.

In this life, we either move forwards or backwards. To gaze into the mirror is never a pause. It’s a decision to die or to keep on living.



David Bourne

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