How Our Awareness Changes Belief

Do We Get What We Deserve or What We Think We Deserve?

David Bourne


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I used to believe that people got what they deserved. But as I’ve grown older I’ve come to see that this is rarely true. People don’t usually get what’s coming to them. Life is indeed unfair.

But as unfair as this is, it’s not something worth dwelling on. So much of “what people get” is out of my control. Instead, I try to put emphasis on a similar but greater truth.

People do usually do get what they think they deserve.

I see this playing out over and over. Many people I know can’t see how they allow their past experiences to hold them back. It’s a sad, but true reality. They don’t move forward in life because they don’t believe they deserve better.

One of the world’s greatest psychologists had a lot to say about this.

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” ― Carl Gustav Jung

How We See Ourselves Is A Very Big Deal.

Jung wrote that if we think we deserve to suffer, we usually suffer more. Especially when it comes to what we hide from ourselves. If we can’t see how our limiting beliefs affect us, we can’t move past them.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Carl Gustav Jung

If we don’t constantly ask ourselves about our self assumptions, we are doomed to think either that 1) we don’t measure up to the world or that 2) the world is out to get us.

Neither one of those options is very much fun.

On the other hand, if we think we can do something, we do it. Or at least we try to get it done. If we succeed, it confirms our belief. We feel stronger about the idea that we could succeed. Even if we fail, we are much more likely to try again if we believe we can solve the problem

Repeating mistakes is common and frustrating, but usually, we get tired of making the same mistakes until we find what works. We try and we fail until we find a solution. This is often how we find success. In fits and starts.



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