How I Write And Post On Medium In 30 Minutes

This is so meta.

David Bourne


I’m writing about the process that I’m actually doing.

A few days ago (today is 2020–08–25 Tue) I started a “Write and Post to Medium in 30 Minutes” project. As with all the projects I start, I plan out steps to make the production flow easier and faster.

There is a bit of friction at the start as I do this because it takes time and energy to organize the steps. But the payoff is huge. I’ll save tons of time daily by streaming the production process.

How I’m Doing It

Here are the basics so far. Keep it simple at the start.

I’ll add “Room for Improvement” items later.

Step By Step for “Write and Post to Medium in 30 Mins”

  1. Let my people know it’s writing time.
  2. Open up the correct app on my computer.
  3. Shut down all notifications on my computer and phone.
  4. Set a timer for 31 minutes.
  5. Invoke the Muse, ask for guidance, be grateful I get to do this.
  6. Start the timer.
  7. Write for 15 minutes
  8. Edit for 15 minutes
  9. Post to Medium
  10. Copy the link and file it in the project log.
  11. Celebrate!

In a week or so, I will revisit this list, tweak it, and elaborate on it. I’ll say why I do each step and suggest more improvements.

What Will Make This Better?

Here’s a collection of ideas to make this process better and better.

  • Collect Ideas And Rough Drafts In An Accessible Place.
  • Make A Text Expansion That Has All The Things That Make This Easy.
  • Include Reminders
  • Improve My Instructions
  • Add Links To My Story Page On Medium Site.
  • Play A 30 Minute Super Familiar Wordless Song to Minimize Distractions
  • Meditate 2 Minutes Before Writing
  • Work On My Rough To Edit Ratio
  • Make A Quick Daily Note In My Project Log.
  • Ask What’s Working, What’s Not
  • When Should I Be Posting This Content To My Website?
  • When Should I Share My Email Signup? (Soon!)

Remember to have fun.

I get to do this. I don’t have to do it.

It’s challenging but in a great way. I’m growing and pushing. It will be painful by nature, but to remember the joy is to feel the joy.



David Bourne

Coach. Dad. Explorer. 35+ Years Expereince Teaching, Consulting New Media