How Hating Crows Helps Me Like Myself

David Bourne
2 min readAug 17, 2023
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How Crows are Like People

I don’t like crows. And it’s teaching me about something I don’t like about myself.

I really dislike crows. Which is a bit weird because I admire them for their smarts.

Crows and their cousins the ravens are some of the most intelligent birds, as some remarkable studies have shown. I admire their intelligence.

But I really don’t like crows.

Crows are mean.

They gang up on my favorite birds (the raptors and owls), they hunt in packs, they fuss a lot.

Their animal grouping name is called a “murder” for good reason.

And the word “murder” points to the things I despise.

You see, crows remind me of people I don’t like.

And This is How Crows Are My Teachers

As I say in the podcast…

“It’s not the crows that I don’t like, it’s parts of humanity, which, of course, is really a reflection on parts of myself.”

We project ourselves on everything. This is a function of being human. It’s how we move through the world.

Projection is a safety shortcut of our Mind self and Body self that says, “this is good and safe”. Or, “this is bad and hurtful”.

When I see crows it reminds me that I have mean parts inside me, too. And that makes me angry, and regretful.

This is painful to feel, but the awareness this projection provides me can be good.

Let’s Welcome Our Teachers However They Come

So when I hear a crow and see them three of them dive bombing a redtail hawk in the sky over my house, I can remember…

”ARRGG…I hate those f^ck!ng birds!!!


“AHHH, I see you. And I see what I’m doing here”.

This awareness is a connection that at first feels hot and painful.

But to know that I’m trying to heal a part of myself, then AHHH, yes. That’s a good thing.

All healing begins with recognition. From there we get the chance to stay stuck or move forward.

So come on over, crows. You are welcome at my house, anytime.

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